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Tout Niveaux année 2018/2019



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1 Bill's Basic Lips So Close Hold
2 A-B Whirl Oh Baby Don't Leave Me Second Hand Heart
3 Strait Down Come A You Are Big City Summertime
4 Don't Be Cruel Ez Wake Up Untamed
5 1159 Champagne Promise Where The Wind Blows
6 Let You Love Flow Until Good Gets Here Applejack Country
7 Break It Back Down Ouzo & Black Dixie Girl
8 Lonely Drum Chasing Down A Good Time(rev.) Breaking Horses
9 Diesel Cafe (couple) Cheap Seats Hell If I Know
10 Texas Time Empty Space (PC:2018/2019) Woman Amen (PC:2018/2019)
11 Golden Wedding Ring Outta Style 2 Lane Highway
12 Half A Cha (PC:2018/2019) Old And Grey It'Not Ok
13 Mustang (couple)(rev.) Happy Happy Happy Lit
14 Me And Conway (rev.) A Country High Tender
15 Belfast Polka  Bring On The Good Time Got This Too PC/2018/2019
16 Rolling Home (PC:2018/2019) Adventure 45 (PC: 2018/2019) Really Love You
17 Paris Tennessee Dancing Around It Day Of Victory
18 Little Bit Lit Hands Talk
19 Born To Be Great Friday
20 WhatMakesYouCountryPC:2018/2019 Cloud 9 (PC:2018/2019)
21 Clear Isabel White Whisky
22 Hungover Day Of The Dead PC:2018/2019
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