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Tout Niveaux 2017/2018



 Programme des danses:  Tout Niveaux

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1 Bill Basic Hippie Temple Bar Hold
2 Paris Tennessee Let You Love Flow On The Waves Second Hand Heart
3 AB Whirl   My Dog Has Puppies Big City Summertime
4 A Little Bit Lit   Green Grass It' Not OK
5 Me And Conway   Lonely Drum Lit
6 Strait Down   Drinking Problem Two Lane Highway
7 My First Country Line dance   Cheap Seats Where The Wind Blows
8 Something in The Water   Tag On Untamed
9 Twist & Shake   You Belong With Me Ouzo & Black
10 1159   Old And Grey Some Day (révision)
11 The Galway Gathering   Roll In The Hay Break Away (révision)
12 Diesel Cafe (couple)   Behind The Clouds The World (révision)
13 Wanna Dance PC 2017/2018   Comme As you Are Chassing Down A Good Time
14 Golden Wendding Ring   Down On The Bayou Dixie Girl
15 Drinking Probleme   Power Celtic Of Irland
16     Wake Up! Corn Don't Grow (révision)
17     Outta Style King Of Fairies
18     Happy Happie Happy Breaking Horses
19     Friday  
20     A Country High  
21     Dancing Around It  
22     Bring Of The Good Times  

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